The Skull Valley Loop Challenge brings cyclists together each September to ride this thrilling, fast-paced 54 mile road course. Check our Events page for details on the next Loop Challenge ride.

Starting in downtown Prescott, the course heads out Iron Springs Road for the long, sweeping curves that descend into Skull Valley. Some riders take a welcome break in the small villages that dot this lush valley while others pedal on to try to beat their previous year's time. Climbing out of the valley, riders carve through the tight switchbacks of the spars, ascending over the mountain crest to recharge with the refreshing downhill ride along White Spar Road and back into downtown.

We enjoy working with our local Skull Valley Loop Challenge 2014 start for webbicycle partners to organize this annual event. Bike Prescott, our local road cycling club, has been particularly helpful. While this is not a race, we always clock each rider so they can challenge themselves and try for a faster time the next year.

For the last several years, including the 2014 ride, we've welcomed over 200 cyclists to the ride. We could use your help to bring even more riders to the event and help demonstrate the popularity of this invigorating sport. Planning always starts about ten months prior to the ride, so if you want to get involved organizing a great event that has a positive community impact, please send us an email to: pat{at}prescottbiked.com and let us know how you can help!

Proceeds from the Skull Valley Loop Challenge support PAT's work toward a bicycle and pedestrian friendly central Yavapai community.

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